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Toolbox is built up from 3 main features: an automated project management software, a complex library and a chat forum, all in order to help you leveling up your empty office space

What we offer

A User-Friendly Tool to Run Your Project Smoothly

Toolbox provides a platform where project management and communication is fully transparent and project related documents, manuals and templates are shared and easy to find

Bird's eye view

Discover Important Insights on Your Dashboard

Always be up to date on your tasks, due dates, milestones and events whenever you open the site.

User friendly

Fitting to Everyone

Choose List, Kanban, Table or Gantt view to see the progress of your project fitting you the best, and deal with all tasks and problems in an easy and user friendly system.


Bring Everyone Together, No Matter Where They are

Make sure that all members of your team including your subcontractors are part of the project, see every step transparently, have an open communication channel, deal with approvals online without the need of elongated meetings.

How we help

Pick Our Brain Filled with Know-how on Flex Workspace Development

By joining Toolbox, you will get full access to our database filled with manuals and guides on how to prepare hybrid workspace, starting from the architectural planning and interior design trough technical details and IT, including pre-sales, marketing and templates.


Manage your team and their responsibilities in the most efficient way.

Time Tracking

See how long each task takes to handle, and make sure deadlines are kept.

Smart Dashboard

See the project status, milestones in diagrams, and easily find where the project gets stuck.


Discuss everything in the project related chat stream to make sure everyone is in the loop.

Document Sharing

Share all project related documents, architectural plans, project schedule etc. so everyone can find everything in one place.

Support Available 24/7

Reach out to the project owner from workcloud24 whenever you get stuck at any point of the project.

Commercializing space for flex use is not only about planning and design, it requires knowledge how to operate and utilize it. Your project team will find everything needed to successfully implement flex space in our toolbox.

Hubert Abt
workcloud24, CEO
Connect and sync

Easily Integrate with Your Most Important Apps

Connect your most preferred apps and storage places to Toolbox, such as Dropbox, Drive or Sharepoint.

Make sure you do not miss out on anything, download the mobile app, and enjoy working on the go as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Toolbox is built up from 3 main features: an automated project management software, a complex library and a chat forum.

Depending on your role in the project you can be participant with task responsibilities or an observer who can easily check the process of your project.

The main focus in the project management tool is on pre-operation, from analyzing your location to see the possible efficiency, to handling the space planning and design process including necessary allowances, to tendering the construction and other works, including the whole construction process as well as the pre-opening staging. The tool can also include the preparation of marketing materials for pre-sales.

Once you join our Toolbox community, you’ll find manuals on all the essentials, like planning and design (technical descriptions and specifications), marketing and sales guides, as well as operation manuals

Everything listed above is included in the one-time licence fee of the Toolbox.

After registering for Toolbox you’ll recieve your invoice that can be settled via transfer.

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