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Summary of the event with Pauline Kwasniak

On October, 7th we held our second online webinar by workcloud24. This time we discussed the future of work and why it’s hybrid. Our speaker was Pauline Kwasniak. She is a Polish-born, Irish-raised digital marketer, founder, and event professional. Pauline … Read More

Hubert Abt at CEE Property Forum 2021

Thanks to Property Forum Events & News for organizing a great offline event – CEE Property Forum 2021! Organizers gathered with top real estate specialists and raised a lot of important topics. Hubert Abt (New Work and workcloud24 CEO) participated in the panel, discussing the … Read More

Webinar: the future of work is hybrid!

After the success of our first international event, we are excited to invite you to the next one. On October, 7th, we are bringing to you the exclusive talk on the hybrid reality of work from Pauline Kwasniak, a digital … Read More

How to switch to a hybrid work model (for companies)

If our teams can work from anywhere, why limit ourselves to the same places? The hybrid work model is taking the world over by storm – innovative enterprises lead the way, competing for who will be most flexible the same … Read More

Maintaining well-being when working remotely

Remote work has always been out there, in one way or another. While plenty of managers have had to take a call from home, plenty of content and tech creators have had the freedom to work from studios, cafes, parks … Read More

Main insights after #WFH2021

Recently workcloud24 had the pleasure of hosting experts presentations during the #WorkFromHome2021 series. Three leading experts of the real estate industry came together to share their point of view backed up by surveys they recently conducted. workcloud24 managed to bring … Read More

Work from Home 2021

2020 has changed us in many ways: the way we think, work, create and interact with each other. There is no way back. The time has come to learn the lessons and adapt. At #WFH2021 we share trends, researches, point … Read More

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