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We digitize your workspace and help you manage your hybrid workforce so you can focus on business itself

“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got”

– Henry Ford

Who we are

Your Digitization Partner

Providing your company with Back-to-Work solutions. Ensuring workspace and people management is simple, smooth and safe!

Space Manager

Manage your space digitally. Save 30% costs!
Simple. Smooth. Safe.

Office Pass

Enable your workforce. You decide which locations, amenities and price work for you.
Flexible. On-Demand.


Get your space ready for the future - Flexible Office Space.
Planning. Design. Operation.

Hybrid work

Succeed As Teams

Enable your team to work productively from anywhere , together in a safe and compliant manner.
Space management

Bring Your Space To Life

Enable your team to book and manage space.
Learn how your workplace is used and create an environment where people want to be.
Emissions extent

Know Your Cost And Savings

Get an estimate of your potential cost & CO2 emission savings with workcloud24 products. This is suitable for any company trying to understand the extent of their carbon footprint.
Why it works

Optimize With Data


Know your people, know your workspace. Identify opportunities to make savings.

Spot Trends

Discover patterns and preferences. Which style works best/ is most popular.

Plan Ahead

Use the knowledge and tools to forecast. Eliminate wasted space and time.


Let our tools help you to continually optimize further. Save emissions, save money while increasing efficiency.

Global Scale

Easy up or downscaling. Everything on-demand + access to global workspace network.


Reap the rewards with reduced emissions, cost savings full legal compliance and a happy and productive workforce.


What Clients are Saying

Our products have greatly impacted the way our clients work every day. Don´t take our word for it, see what they say.

"With workcloud24 solutions we did not only save costs but commercialized the space for flex office usage in record time. Since the time of operation we are constantly reporting 95 % occupancy while at the same time client satisfaction rate is higher than ever before.
Graf von la Rosee
Private Property Owner
“We didn´t think digitizing and managing our space would have a great impact. But it was clear from launch that we now really understand our space and the people within. Enabling us to adjust and improve.. the results speak for themselves.”

Peter Lohrum
COO, New Work

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