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How to switch to a hybrid work model (for companies)

If our teams can work from anywhere, why limit ourselves to the same places?

The hybrid work model is taking the world over by storm – innovative enterprises lead the way, competing for who will be most flexible the same way they used to compete in who would provide the employees with the most equipped office. “Who can empower the employees best” has been around for a long time, but “who can offer the most freedom in return for most productivity” is the new black.

How to set up this model to be successful? We have prepared a comprehensive and straightforward to follow action plan for you.

1. Study employees’ profiles and ask their opinions to learn their needs. No one knows your team’s needs the way they do – if you ask the right questions and study the answers thoroughly, you will discover the perfect middle ground in a short time and with little fuss.

2. Clarify strategic goals-related expectations with the executive team and the employees. In hybrid work, it is easy to give your employees more agency – but when everyone is free to organize and direct their short-term workflow, it is crucial that everyone knows the overarching strategic direction.

3. Establish a mutually agreed-upon work schedule and responsibilities division. The hybrid model provides opportunities to approach the jobs differently, and this might be just the day you needed to evaluate whether a different task division structure is necessary.

4. Acquire needed technology and set up the systems appropriate for your needs and goals. Ensure the solutions are up to date and do precisely what you need them to do.

5. Clearly outline employees’ options and ensure that they always inform you of their progress and choices. Communication is the key – especially when flexible work options are involved. We all must stay on track – and regular updates are a necessity.

6. Help them transition and tailor their new work style for best productivity. The flexibility provided should be the flexibility that is used – otherwise, how can it turn into a competitive advantage?

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