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Published on: 23. August 2023

SFDR – A European regulation introduced to improve transparency in the market for sustainable investment products, to prevent greenwashing and to increase transparency around sustainability claims made by financial market participants. The “SFDR” stands for the “Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.”

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation is an important regulatory initiative within the European Union (EU) aimed at increasing transparency and consistency in the disclosure of sustainability-related information by financial market participants and financial advisers.

The key objectives of the SFDR include:

Transparency: The SFDR aims to improve transparency in the financial industry by requiring certain entities to disclose information about how sustainability factors are integrated into their investment decision-making processes.

Prevention of Greenwashing: The regulation is designed to prevent “greenwashing,” which refers to misleading or exaggerated claims about the environmental or social characteristics of financial products.

Consistency: SFDR aims to establish a common framework for disclosing sustainability-related information across the EU, making it easier for investors to compare and assess the sustainability profile of different financial products.

Sustainability Risks and Impacts: The regulation requires financial market participants to disclose information about how they consider sustainability risks, such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, in their investment decisions.

Principal Adverse Impact Reporting: Financial market participants are also required to report on the principal adverse impacts of their investment decisions on sustainability factors, such as greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and labour practices.

Integration of Sustainability Factors: The SFDR requires entities to disclose how they integrate sustainability factors into their investment and advisory processes, as well as how those factors affect their investment returns.

Alignment with Sustainability Goals: The SFDR is part of the EU’s broader efforts to align financial activities with sustainability goals, such as the EU’s Green Deal and the Paris Agreement.

The SFDR has implications for a wide range of financial market participants, including asset managers, investment funds, pension funds, insurance companies, and financial advisers. These entities are required to provide clear and standardised information to investors about the sustainability characteristics of their financial products and services.

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