Small steps make the big picture

Small steps make the big picture

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Published on: 12. October 2023

Interview with Seweryna Afanasyew, Head of Poland Operation at workcloud24

What is the significance of ESG for you personally?

Business only makes sense to me if I can focus on people and society, the environment and sustainability. And ESG in business means having a 360-degree all-round view with focus on sustainable approach to everyday aspects I believe in credibility, transparency and business ethics. We work to make our life better by providing better workplace and better environment for our customer, business partners and our employees who place their trust in us.

If I had to describe ESG in two sentences:

1. it’s about focus on long-term investment and asset management activities – always looking at how it affects people, the climate and the planet.

2. it’s not just personal profits and positive balance sheets that count, but also the well-being of society and sustainable environment for future generations.

What do you place particular emphasis on in your role as Head of Poland?

In my role as Head of Poland for workcloud24, I want to help companies make their real estate assets and organizations sustainable. We offer customized services that take operational real estate activities to a new level and involve all levels of the organization. We help take small steps every day to make big strides tomorrow through innovation, technology, behavioral challenges and process efficiencies.

What drives you in particular?

My daily drive is to develop smart solutions in a sustainable way that address current and upcoming challenges. I love helping people with both their business and personal development.

„Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

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