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We accompany you in the implementation of all ESG measures to sustainably increase the return on your property and thereby create a valuable contribution to the climate.

We accompany you in the implementation of all ESG measures to
increase the return on your property in the long term and thereby
create a valuable contribution to the climate.

This is how we make your real estate projects future-proof

workcloud24 sees itself as a trustworthy partner for real estate owners, investors, financing partners and tenants. We not only advise holistically with the right digital tools in the portfolio, but also start exactly where challenges, such as from Articles 8 and 9 of the EU taxonomy, lie.

Our customers’ expectations of high standards and modern solutions are our daily driver to jointly realize sustainable and highly profitable real estate projects.

workcloud24 ESG consulting for real estate


We not only advise, but offer the entire ESG package - from digital to individual solutions to ESG certification.

ESG expertise

Our interdisciplinary team of experts brings years of experience to the table. Ten years of experience from the real estate industry, the New Work world and the ESG sector to your company.


Europe is where we are at home. In the DACH region and in CEE you will find a team that will accompany you reliably and successfully. We ensure compliance with national and international standards and guidelines.

Our projects

Three steps to ESG compliance

Our ESG consulting services are divided into three areas. As your partner with a holistic
consulting approach, we accompany you in your project from the strategy, to the definition
of the processes to successful implementation.

workcloud24 ESG compliance for real estate

Examine the current state and processes of the business to identify the right trouble spots.

Analyze collected data and information to identify root causes of problems and develop appropriate solutions.

Implementation of the developed solutions. This includes taking action, running projects and implementing change.

Our toolbox for all cases

With our toolbox we have already designed and planned more than 70 projects with over 150,000 square meters of office space.

The platform-based analysis, planning and project management tool allows us to control interdisciplinary teams and guide them in a highly efficient manner.

By using a modular system, all planning steps can be traced, and decision-makers are involved. This leads to a maximum result while at the same time considering the needs that arise from hybrid work.

This creates added value for tenants and landlords. Floor plans are adapted to the requirements of hybrid work and space is saved. But landlords who want to implement a core & flex rental strategy also benefit, as tenants are increasingly asking for flexible space components and are on average willing to pay up to 20% more for them.

Frequently asked questions

ESG consulting aims to improve returns in a sustainable manner, with a focus on ESG compliance.

Based on standardized processes, the short-, medium- and long-term goals are individually defined together with the customer.

The comparison of the current state with the desired result results in a project, which is divided into the categories of technical, legal and commercial project program settings.

The project is digitally processed so that all participants have insight into the tools, methods and processes used for planning, organization, implementation and monitoring.

The online tool allows task management, document collaboration, and project coordination and helps the project manager coordinate team members in the field, as well as manage resources and schedules.

During the consultation it may turn out, based on interim results, that goals shift and therefore the project program needs to be adjusted.

We promise to react flexibly to such changes and not lose sight of the big picture in order to achieve the project goal quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

The objective of an ESG consultancy is to identify and formulate the goals and develop the necessary budget.

Through improvements in business processes, we achieve the optimization of workflows, increased efficiency and higher profit margins.

With ESG compliance at the forefront throughout the process, carbon footprint improvements are automatic.

Consulting can be extended to various areas of the business, such as product positioning and marketing.

In the future, the degree of value creation in the real estate industry will be determined by the extent to which a product is ESG-compliant. We at workcloud24 offer you the solution for this from a single source – practice-oriented and with more than 10 years of experience in the DACH region and CEE.

Environment (Climate, Resources & Nature)

Social (customers, suppliers & community) and

Governance (Corporate Governance, Management & Culture)

Based on these criteria, we help you define the fields of action and determine the necessary performance indicators so that the intended measures lead to the desired result and ultimately the increase in value and the sustainability contribution of your project become measurable.

What are challenges that ESG consultants can help with?

These are for example:

  • Environmental Issues: ESG consultants help companies minimize their environmental impact and develop greener business practices.
  • Social: ESG consultants help companies meet their social responsibilities by ensuring they have ethical labor practices and a positive social impact on their communities.
  • Governance aspects: ESG consultants help companies improve their corporate governance by ensuring the integrity and transparency of their business practices.
  • Investment decisions: ESG advisors can help companies make investment decisions based on ESG criteria, which can help minimize their risk and improve their financial performance.
  • Reporting and disclosure: ESG consultants can help companies report and disclose their ESG performance and impacts to improve their transparency and accountability to stakeholders.

Further services & products of workcloud24
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ESG Software

With the ESG software, the effects and results of all ESG measures to increase value creation and reduce CO2 emissions can be derived, measured and understood quickly and easily.

ESG Certification

ESG Certificates of workcloud24 serve as proof of the quality of ESG standards. They enable comparison with national and international guidelines and reporting standards.

Flexibilisierung des Mieter- und

Unser Kunde, ein weltweit für Banken tätiges Softwareunternehmen, das bislang ausschließlich in speziell angemieteten Büroflächen tätig war, konnte durch den Wechsel von einem traditionellen Mietvertrag zu einem Servicevertrag und der Einbindung von Buchungssoftware 40 Prozent der gesamten Fläche einsparen.

Bedingt durch die Kosteneinsparungen für die Kernfläche konnte das Unternehmen 10 Prozent mehr Miete bezahlen und dadurch die beste Fläche innerhalb des Gebäudes für sich sichern.


Das führte zu einer Erhöhung der Attraktivität für die Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens und gleichzeitig zur Flexibilisierung für das Team, das durch den Einsatz einer Buchungssoftware nun auch Meetingräume und private Büros an weiteren Standorten buchen kann.

Der CO2-Abdruck je Mitarbeiter verbesserte sich um 45 Prozent, da zum einen weniger Fläche pro Mitarbeiter vorgehalten werden musste und zum anderen weniger Wegzeiten von und zur Arbeit anfielen.  

Flexibilization of the tenant and
Operator concept

Our client, a global banking software company that previously operated exclusively in purpose-built leased office space, saved 40 percent of its total space by switching from a traditional lease to a service contract and incorporating accounting software.

Due to the cost savings for the core space, the company was able to pay 10 percent more rent, securing the best space within the building for itself.

This has led to an increase in attractiveness for the company’s employees and, at the same time, flexibility for the team, which can now book meeting rooms and private offices at additional locations through the use of booking software.

The CO2-emissions per employee improved by 45 percent because less space was required per employee and there was less travel time to and from work.

Steigerung des Verkaufspreises durch

Der CFO eines börsennotierten Projektentwicklers berichtete vom Bieterverfahren für den Verkauf einer Büroimmobilie. Das Gebäude wurde ESG-konform geplant und gebaut. 

Letztlich lag das Kaufangebot eines Investmentfonds, dessen Anleger ausschließlich in ein grünes Produkt investieren wollten, am höchsten. Wie sich nach Analyse der verschiedenen Angebote herausstellte, lag das Angebot des Investmentfonds um 6 Prozent höher als die übrigen. Die Transaktion lag bei einem Gesamtvolumen von 150 Millionen Euro.

Increase in sales price due to
ESG compliance

The CFO of a listed project developer reported on the bidding process for the sale of an office property. The building was designed and constructed in compliance with ESG.

Ultimately, the highest bid was from a mutual fund whose investors wanted to invest exclusively in a green product. As it turned out after analyzing the different offers, the offer of the mutual fund was 6 percent higher than the others. The transaction was worth a total of 150 million euros.

Einsparungen durch Zwischennutzung

Bei einem unserer Kunden, einem US-amerikanischen, international tätigen Software- und IT-Unternehmen, hatte sich nach der Einführung eines hybriden Arbeitszeitmodells herausgestellt, dass eine Mietfläche von 6.000 qm nicht mehr benötigt wird.

Zur Erfüllung des Mietvertrages hätte das Unternehmen bis zum Ende der Laufzeit Zahlungsverpflichtungen von 5 Millionen Euro zurückstellen müssen.

Durch die Implementierung einer Zwischennutzung konnten wir 2 Millionen Euro einsparen. Zusätzlich verbesserte sich die CO2 Bilanz erheblich, da die ansonsten leerstehenden Flächen einer Anschlussnutzung zugeführt werden konnte.

Savings through interim use

At one of our clients, a U.S. software and IT company with international operations, it had become apparent after the introduction of a hybrid working hours model that a rental space of 6,000 sqm was no longer needed.

To fulfill the lease, the company would have had to set aside payment obligations of €5 million until the end of the term.

By implementing an interim use, we were able to save 2 million euros. In addition, the CO2 balance sheet significantly, as the otherwise vacant space could be put to a connecting use.

Inklusion von Mietern zum Energiesparen

Bei unserem Kunden, einem international tätigen Flex Office Betreiber, wurden die Beschaffung und Bewirtschaftung von Energie als Aufgabe des Facility Managements angesehen. Die Einbindung der Mieter geschah nur insofern. als dass diese am Ende des Abrechnungszeitraums über den Verbrauch und die Verrechnungspreise informiert wurden.

Durch den flächendeckenden Einsatz von Smart Metern nach den Übergabepunkten der jeweiligen Mieteinheiten sowie laufenden Vergleichsmessungen und kontinuierlicher Kommunikation und Einbindung der Mieter ließ sich deren Verbraucherverhalten ändern. In Kombination mit auslastungsbedingter Heizung und Kühlung ließen sich mit vergleichsweise geringen Investitionen bis zum 50 Prozent Energieeinsparungen erzielen.

Inclusion of tenants to save energy

At our client, an internationally active flex office operator, the procurement and management of energy was considered a facility management task. Tenant involvement occurred only to the extent that. than that they were informed of consumption and billing prices at the end of the billing period.

Through the comprehensive use of smart meters after the transfer points of the respective rental units, as well as ongoing comparative measurements and continuous communication and involvement of the tenants, it was possible to change their consumption behavior. In combination with utilization-based heating and cooling, energy savings of up to 50 percent could be achieved with comparatively low investments.

Erhöhung der Vermietungsleistung durch
Core & Flex Vermietungsstrategie

In einer der Immobilien eines Kunden, einem international tätigen Immobilienfonds, standen von den insgesamt 35.000 qm, ca. 50 Prozent der Bürofläche über Jahre leer.

Neben geringeren Mieteinnahmen führte dies zu einer signifikanten Unterdeckung bei den Nebenkosten.

Nach Bestandsaufnahme und Analyse der Situation ist es uns gelungen, durch eine Flexibilisierung des Vermietungskonzeptes und der Einbindung eines Flex Office Betreibers die bestimmten Teilflächen schon innerhalb von 3 Monaten zu 40 Prozent auszulasten. Das hat die Attraktivität des Gebäudes und die Akzeptanz bei weiteren Mietinteressenten deutlich erhöht.

Increase in rental performance due to
Core & Flex leasing strategy

In one of the properties of a client, an internationally active real estate fund, of the total 35,000 sqm, about 50 percent of the office space had been vacant for years.

In addition to lower rental income, this led to a significant shortfall in ancillary costs.

After taking stock and analyzing the situation, we succeeded in achieving 40 percent occupancy of certain partial areas within just 3 months by making the leasing concept more flexible and integrating a flex office operator. This has significantly increased the attractiveness of the building and its acceptance by other prospective tenants.