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workcloud24 developed own ESG-Reporting Formats aligned with ISO 14001, ISO 26000 and EN 156343. ESG-Reports can be formatted also for SFDR purpose.

For ESG-Certificates we are partnering with GRESB to support an international benchmarking score and with WiredScore to guide you to a smart building certification.

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What is an
ESG certificate?

An ESG certificate is an official document that certifies that the property has undergone ESG certification. It proves that certain measures, to improve the performance indicators, have been initiated or completed and have been fulfilled.

If desired, we can map the ESG certificate on the blockchain and thus achieve 100% protection against counterfeiting. This is particularly recommended if conformity, according to Article 8 of the EU taxonomy, is to be achieved.

Benefits of an ESG certificate


An ESG certificate is usually differentiated according to certain focus areas and in the respective sectors. For real estate, it is crucial for which field of action the certificate is to be used. In all case, Here, it ensures a high level of transparency and ensures ESG compliance.


In the future, standards around ESG compliance will be mandatory. An ESG certificate therefore ensures acceptance and trust among tenants, investors and financing partners.


ESG certification serves as an indicator that certain ESG standards are met. Accordingly, the defined performance indicators ensure clearly traceable results.


If desired, workcloud24 can map the ESG certificate on the blockchain, which allows us to achieve 100 percent forgery protection. This supports compliance with Article 8 of the EU taxonomy.

In a few steps to your
ESG certificate

In a few steps to your ESG certificate

workcloud24 offers you the solution for sustainable and future-oriented business. ESG compliance from a single source. workcloud24 offers you the solution to manage sustainably and future-oriented.

Together we create a profile of requirements, what is needed and for whom is the certification intended.

We analyze the current status in order to get the most complete picture possible of the property and the available data.

To plan
Based on the task and objective, we create a plan for the implementation of sensible measures

After approval of the project we accompany the implementation of the measures

Follow up
The effects on the performance indicators are continuously measured and tracked so that adjustments can be made if necessary and improvements can be documented.

Frequently asked questions

The origin of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) lies in the idea that companies evaluate not only their financial performance, but also their impact on society and the environment.

The terms “environment,” “social,” and “corporate governance” first appeared in the 1980s and have become increasingly important ever since. Since the 1990s, ESG criteria have been increasingly used by investors to evaluate companies.

The EU laid the groundwork for the EU Taxonomy with the adoption of the Sustainable Financing Action Plan in March 2018, which was adopted in June 2021.

The EU taxonomy is a framework that defines which economic activities are considered sustainable. This is intended to help investors align their portfolios with sustainable investments and enable companies to clarify their sustainable activities. Capital collection agencies have an obligation to invest according to ESG guidelines, which has dramatic implications for the real estate industry, as it is widely believed that over 90% of real estate holdings are not ESG compliant.

An ESG certification is a formal process that reviews the property (or company) for ESG performance and practices. CertificationIt serves as an indicator that certain standards relating to ESG are met.

Certification involves a review of compliance with performance indicators, including environmental, social and corporate governance impacts.

ESG certification may be considered mandatory in the future, as compliance with the standards will be demanded by investors, tenants and customers, as well as financing partners.

As there are no uniform standards (yet), it is important to pay attention to the framework (individual property, individual rental space, portfolio) and the purpose (financing partner, product positioning) for which the certification is carried out, as this has a significant influence on the weighting of the individual fields of action.

An ESG certificate is an official document that certifies that the property has undergone ESG certification. It proves that certain measures, to improve the performance indicators, have been initiated or completed and have been fulfilled.

An ESG certificate from workcloud24 not only serves as proof of quality to investors, tenants and financing partners for meeting environmental, social and governance standards. Rather, we are able to establish comparability according to national and international guidelines and reporting standards.

If desired, we can map the ESG certificate on the blockchain and thus achieve 100% forgery protection. This is especially recommended if conformity according to Article 8 of the EU taxonomy is to be achieved.

ESG certification by workcloud24 ensures

  • Transparency
  • traceable results
  • Acceptance by tenants, investors and financing partners

There are more than 20 ESG certificates for real estate offered by different organizations and companies and depending on the specific needs and requirements in different regions and countries.

It is important to note that there is no single methodology for ESG certification, and that the criteria and methods for certification may vary from agency to agency. Thus, agencies issuing certificates are specialized in sectors (real estate, financial sector, agro-industry) or areas (companies, individual projects, portfolios).

In this respect, it is important to pay attention to which method is used and which focal points are of importance.

Some of the most well-known ESG certificates for real estate are:

  • GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark): A globally recognized ESG certificate for the real estate industry that is currently mainly used at portfolio level in peer comparison.
  • BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method): A widely used ESG certification for buildings in Europe and other parts of the world. In this case, data is only presented “as build”, which does not allow for ongoing “real time” measurement of performance.
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): An ESG certification provided by the U.S. Green Building Council that focuses on building sustainability.
  • DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council): An ESG certificate that focuses on the sustainability of buildings in Germany. The DGNB system is mainly used for residential buildings and new buildings.

ESG is increasingly being taken up by rating agencies. It should be noted that there are sometimes significant differences in the results, which are mainly due to the different ways in which the fields of action and performance indicators are measured and weighted.

  • Bloomberg ESG Ratings
  • CDP Scores
  • FTSE Russell’s ESG Ratings
  • ISS ESG Ratings & Rankings
  • MSCI ESG Ratings
  • Refinitiv ESG Scores (formerly “Reuters ESG Scores”)
  • RepRisk ESG Risk Scores
  • S&P Global ESG Scores (CSA/DJSI)

ESG criteria apply to all types of real estate, regardless of size or type of use. It is a framework that is used by investors, financing partners, tenants & and customers, and regulators with varying degrees of intensity and interpretation.

The aim is to encourage property owners to improve the transparency of their governance in order to improve the emissions and immissions of property on the environment and the impact on society.

This allows investors to get a better view of the long-term prospects of the properties. As a result, all stakeholders receive complete transparency on the target, associated measures and improvements.

Get your ESG certificate from workcloud24

Get your
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Many companies already rely on us. Get your individual offer for your ESG certification.

Many companies already rely on us. Get your
individual offer for your ESG certification.

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