A letter from our founder

Nature has always been the most important balancing place for me just as real estate has been my professional center for more than 35 years. The changes in climate and environment fascinate me and are shocking at the same time. At workcloud24, we therefore try to make our world a little bit better and support our customers in the challenge towards ESG compliance in the best possible way.

When I founded workcloud24 in 2019, we planned to develop digital office management solutions.

During the lockdowns, we realized that the traditional use and management of offices would have to be rethought to meet the demands that hybrid working would bring in the future.

In designing and planning over 50 projects as a “Space as a Service Center”, we have found that ESG is becoming increasingly important and projects that address ESG as a central theme are far more attractive to clients while generating higher returns.

As we become more familiar with ESG, the magnitude of the challenge facing the real estate industry becomes apparent. The EU has taken the “Green Deal of 2019” as an opportunity to steer investments into the most sustainable assets possible and with the enactment of the EU Taxonomy in June 2021, has set the preliminary framework for this.

Since then, ESG compliance has been at the forefront of every acquisition review and it is only a matter of time that tenants adapt this behavior.

Banks are encouraged to increase the green content of their portfolios and very soon ESG compliance and ESG risk assessment will be an integral part of lending guidelines.

In summary, this means that no one can afford to wait or even ignore the requirements.

For medium-sized companies in particular, it is impossible to keep track of all the resulting fields of action and measures to be taken and to do justice to them.

The challenge lies in the lack of guidance provided by valuation and reporting standards commonly used in the market.

At workcloud24, we have made it our mission to support our customers pragmatically by using tried and tested processes as well as stable, secure systems to make real estate fit for the future.

The ESG software we use is already in use on over 600 properties with over 12 million square meters of floor space. We stand for competence, safety and fairness, from practice for practice!

CDO & Founder

Our vision

We are shaping the future by leading the industry's transformation to ESG-compliant real estate and operating concepts.

Our mission

We help owners and tenants meet ESG criteria, making real estate more sustainable and profitable.

Our values

From practice for practice, transparent, safe and fair in dealing with our customers.
Efficient in implementation!

We make the real estate industry more sustainable and profitable.

Huber Abt, Founder & CDO workcloud24 AG

Our management team

Hubert Abt has been working independently in the real estate industry for 35 years. With NewWork and workcloud24 AG, he leads two successful companies with a focus on New Work and ESG compliance in his role as CEO. In the DACH and CEE regions, he is well known as a thought leader and speaker for these areas.
Hubert Abt

Founder & CDO

Oliver Oechsle was a consultant at Roland Berger and held various C-level mandates. At workcloud24, he is responsible for the development of the company, ESG certification and blockchain-based protocols, as well as finance and regulatory compliance and reporting in a multiple role as CEO, COO and CFO.
Oliver Oechsle


As CTO at New Work Offices and workcloud24, Maximilian Abt is responsible for the organization and coordination of IT. In particular, IT-related business development and systems integration are in his hands.
Maximilian Abt


Andras Lestak heads the planning and design department of New Work Offices, where he is responsible for over 50 projects with a total area of 60,000 m2. Since 2022, the interior designer and economist has been developing and implementing the toolbox for workcloud24.
Andreas Lestak

Head of Planning & Design

Oliver Stiefenhofer held a leading position at Scaltel AG in the area of IT services and implementation. Today, he runs his own consulting company specializing in digital strategies and transformation processes for SMEs. He advises workcloud24 as chairman of the supervisory board.
Oliver Stiefenhofer

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Technical Advisory Board

Michael Reinberg is the expert for valuations on a local to global level. As founder and managing director of Reinberg & Parter in Vienna, an excellent international reputation precedes him and his institution for real estate valuation and consulting. On the advisory board of workcloud24, he provides valuable input on certification for ESG standards.
Michael Reinberg
Andreas Kozma worked on major IT implementations worldwide at Deloitte and Touche Central Europe. Today, as founder and CEO of iREMS international group, he knows the real estate industry through and through. As an advisory board member of workcloud24, he supports the development of all data management topics and blockchain-based protocols.
Andreas Kozma
Robert Oettl worked as an engineer for production and automation technology for a long time in the role of managing director at TÜV Süd. Today, he acts as a business angel for PropTech startups, is COO at Adomo in Vienna and provides valuable input on product development and strategy as an advisory board member of workcloud24.
Robert Oettl

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