A letter from our founder

By the time the Paris agreement was signed, and the EU started to draft the Taxonomy we have left the science-based approach and went on with a political discussion.

The message is clear, “whatever it takes” the three words spoken by ECB President Mario Draghi which marked the turnaround of the Euro crisis are applying for the ESG Taxonomy as well. According to the EU administration all investments must go to green and sustainable economy. 

The implication for the real estate industry is tremendous, even so we are only discovering the full consequences little by little, ESG appears as a transition risk. To comply with ESG regulation is a question of life or death. The ones who don´t jump on the train will be left without a chance to survive.

The demand for sustainable products from investors, tenants and banks is increasing and this trend will not reverse. In 5-6 years from now, by end of the decade, we will find ourselves in another world, where the common knowledge and “Zeitgeist” about sustainability will not allow green washing any more.  

To comply with the new rules, it requires a change of culture.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” – (Peter Drucker)

In other words, the culture of a company determines the success, regardless of how effective the strategy may be.

There are multiple examples where a team works on an ESG-Strategy without the full support and commitment of the C-Level and that’s the reason why they are designed to fail.

Another common strategy, which is designed to fail, is to apply for a certificate and to believe that it provides ESG-Compliance.

There are more than 80 certificates for properties in the market. But whatever the certificate confirms and whatever is written in the EU-Taxonomy and in local regulations, ESG-Compliance is always about people. If you want to understand people, you need to understand their incentives.

In other words, ESG-Strategies can be complex and simple at the same time, but the basis of its success is always to understand the context of its purpose.

ESG comes with a unique experience, most of the time it´s something you can´t define in the first place. But when you feel something is different in a positive way, it´s mostly related with ESG-Compliance.

It can be a proactive community management for tenants or a transparent communication on service charges. It also can be related to guidelines on how to save energy or some beehives to support biodiversity.

As some of the most frequent asked questions are showing us, the understanding and clarification of the narrative is crucial for the successful implementation of any ESG-Compliance.

  • What’s the difference between ESG-Reporting, ESG-Rating and ESG-Certification?
  • What’s the specific regulation in my country and how does it work in my asset class?
  • Where is the add value of ESG-Compliance, how does it pay back?

ESG-Compliance always starts with transparency and disclosure.

Any investment in a thoughtful ESG-Strategy pays back one or the other way. Be it because of less costs for utilities and service charges or for supporting and preserving the values or the property, or to gain better conditions for financing.

At workcloud24 we are dedicated to the principles of value management and value engineering, to make your journey to ESG-Compliance a success!

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Founder & CEO

Our vision

As the leading ESG-monitoring platform in Europe we are providing a one stop shop Service for ESG-Reporting, ESG-Certification and the execution of any ESG-Strategy via our marketplace.

Our mission

We help owners and tenants to meet ESG-Criteria, to ensure a sustainable and profitable operation.

Our values

At workcloud24 we are dedicated to the principles of value management and value engineering, to make your journey to ESG-Compliance a success!

We make the real estate industry more sustainable and profitable.

Huber Abt, Founder & CEO workcloud24 AG

Our management team

Hubert has been in the real estate business for 35 years. In his role as CEO and CDO, he leads New Work AG and workcloud24 AG with a focus on New Work and ESG compliance. In the DACH and CEE regions, he is well known as a thought leader for these topics.
Hubert Abt

Founder & CEO

Rafał has over 21 years of experience in the telecommunications and energy markets where he worked for international corporations. Rafał also has experience as Energy Performance Certifier for 14 years. As Head of technology Solutions he is responsible for the implementation of sensor based energy monitoring systems and the IoT and LoRaWAN Gateway technology at workcloud24.
Rafał Stęborowski

Head of Technology Solutions

Maximilian is responsible for setting up and integrating systems at New Work Offices. In this role, he was also responsible for the digitalization and coordination of IT-related business development and system integration at workcloud24.
Maximilian Abt


Andras is responsible for projects that require planning and design. In this role, he has planned and implemented more than 50 projects at New Work Offices over the years, totaling 75,000 square feet. At workcloud24, he developed the toolbox with Hubert.
Andreas Lestak

Head of Planning & Design

Moritz, worked more than 10 years in the retail industry where he gained a deep understanding about the functional requirements and operation of retail properties. As ESG Specialist at workcloud24 he is focusing on this asset class on ESG Reporting, Scope 1,2 and 3 as well as building automation.
Moritz Abt

ESG Berater

Klaus has been working as an entrepreneur in the housing industry for over 50 years. As part of the management of large residential and commercial portfolios, Klaus has gained a deep insight into the operational requirements of managing real estate. As an ESG expert, Klaus is responsible for the upgrading of existing properties in the Allgäu, Lake Constance, Vorarlberg and Eastern Switzerland regions.
Klaus Herr

ESG Specialist

Supervisory & Advisory Board

Oliver Stiefenhofer held an executive position at Scaltel AG. Today, he runs his own consulting company specializing in digital strategies and transformation processes for SMEs. He advises workcloud24 with his excellent expertise as chairman of the supervisory board.
Oliver Stiefenhofer

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Oliver worked as a consultant at Roland Berger in various C-level mandates. As the former CEO of workcloud24 AG, he was responsible for corporate management and finances as well as the development of certification and blockchain-based protocols.
Oliver Oechsle

Supervisory Board

Robert is a veteran of the asset and facility management industry. After selling his company, he held the role of Managing Director at TÜV Süd. Today, he acts as a business angel for PropTech startups, is COO at Adomo in Vienna and provides valuable input on product development and strategy as an expert advisor at workcloud24.
Robert Oettl

Supervisory Board

Michael is the global expert in valuations. As founder and managing director of Reinberg & Parter in Vienna, an excellent reputation precedes him and his institution for real estate valuation and consulting. In the professional advisory board of workcloud24, Michael provides valuable input on certification for ESG standards and valuation topics.
Michael Reinberg

Technical Advisory Board

James' whole career has been built on understanding many of the industry challenges in relation to change and digital transformation. As professional in the real estate industry and co-founder of Unissu, the trusted, global platform for PropTech procurement, he is a perfect match for workcloud24 as advisory board member with a strong focus on Marketing and Sales.
James Dearsley

Technical Advisory Board

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