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Published on: 17. August 2023

CDP: The Carbon Disclosure Project is a non-profit organisation that operates a global environmental disclosure system. CDP encourages companies, cities, regions, and other entities to measure, manage, and disclose their environmental impacts, particularly related to climate change, water security, and deforestation. CDP’s mission is to drive transparency and action on environmental issues by providing a platform for organisations to report and act on their sustainability efforts.

Key aspects of what CDP does include:

Environmental Reporting: CDP provides a platform for companies and other entities to report their environmental data, strategies, and initiatives. This includes data related to greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, forest conservation, and other relevant metrics.

Disclosure Programs: CDP operates various disclosure programs focused on specific environmental topics, such as climate change, water security, and forests. These programs provide standardised questionnaires that organisations use to report their environmental performance.

Investor and Stakeholder Information: CDP’s data is widely used by investors, financial analysts, customers, and other stakeholders to assess the environmental risks and opportunities associated with organisations. The information helps stakeholders make informed decisions and engage with companies on sustainability matters.

Supplier Engagement: CDP’s Supply Chain program engages companies in assessing and improving the environmental performance of their suppliers. This helps organisations throughout the value chain address sustainability issues collectively.

Performance Benchmarking: CDP’s data allows organisations to compare their environmental performance against peers and industry benchmarks. This benchmarking helps identify areas for improvement and best practices.

Advocacy and Impact: CDP uses the information collected to advocate for policies, practices, and actions that mitigate environmental impacts. The organisation’s efforts contribute to addressing climate change, water scarcity, and other environmental challenges. Investor and Financial Disclosure: CDP’s data is considered by investors, regulators, and financial institutions to evaluate the materiality of environmental risks and opportunities in investment decisions and financial reporting. Public Recognition: CDP recognises organisations that demonstrate strong environmental performance and transparency through various rankings, such as the CDP A-List.

CDP plays a critical role in promoting environmental disclosure, accountability, and action. By providing a standardised platform for reporting and benchmarking, CDP helps organisations understand and address their environmental impacts, contributes to global sustainability efforts, and drives positive change towards a more sustainable future.

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