Webinar: the future of work is hybrid!

After the success of our first international event, we are excited to invite you to the next one. On October, 7th, we are bringing to you the exclusive talk on the hybrid reality of work from Pauline Kwasniak, a digital event expert of international recognition.  

Pauline Kwasniak is a Polish-born, Irish-raised digital marketer, founder, and event professional. A passionate speaker and lecturer, advocate for more diversity, equality, and inclusion in the industry, Pauline is a dedicated volunteer, the founder of the Female Planners Community, and managing director of Finedeeds – the platform for empowering changemakers and equipping non-profits.  

Pauline is an expert on building trust, bridges, and communities in the digital world. For the first week of October, we invited her to tell us:  

1. Why people crave face-to-face interaction at work;  

2. Why you should offer some remote work if you want to keep generation z talent;

3. Commuting to work helps overall economy?

4. Stricking a perfect a balance = why hybrid is the answer.

The registration is free – sign up today to join us!  

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