About Us

About Us

We're enabling modern work

We collaboratively asses your individual needs and empower you with the necessary tools.
With workcloud24 digital solutions you really understand your workspace and workforce, not only to optimize cost& CO2 emissions, but to lift efficiency and productivity to new levels!


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Our approach


At workcloud24 we believe that work needs to be organized in a new way.

And for this we provide simple and safe tools for employees and employers.

We not only turn the office into a better place, but also, we help to save carbon emission and shortening commuting times.

This improves the sustainability of office operation and the work-life balance of any employee and benefits the employer in time and money.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

We are multinational experts with decades of experience and established relationships, committed to our cause, motivating each other to be better every day. 

Our values


Improve the quality of our lives by protecting our ecosystem by preserving natural resources for future generations.


"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success." - Henry Ford


A diverse, innovative team with complementary skills working together to support the common goal.


Honesty, clear communication, openness - to build trust with our partners and clients.


Bringing joy to the workplace is critical to improve team moral and to build a strong company culture.


We always push ourselves to be proficient and support you on any issue.

Trusted by


Vika Zhurbas

Project Manager
Vika is responsible for keeping online presence of the brand and making it bright, easy to understand and interesting to follow both for clients and partners. Her strong communicating skills help in maintaining trustful relationships with online media and opinion leaders. Vika’s aim is to build a strong online community for workcloud24. She is part of the workcloud24 team as a specialist in key accounting and sales with a lot of influences in the product development and needs assessment.

Hubert Abt

Founder& CEO
He is well known in the industry for innovative solutions and office concepts. He gained his expertise through various positions, from the start on as a realtor, shopping center and mall manager, throughout a consultancy phase and as a serial entrepreneur in the field of commercializing property spaces. He is also founder and CEO of New Work Offices, one of the most recognizable brands for office spaces in the CEE.

Denise Ballo

Global Key Account Manager
For almost 20 years Denise worked for corporates in various positions. 10 years in the fashion producing industry, 10 years as an assistant to the CEO of an exclusive haberdasher, 7 years in retail expansion (also fashion industry) and since 2019 she is responsible for Global Customer Care for New Work. She is part of the workcloud24 team as a specialist in key accounting and sales with a lot of influences in the product development and needs assessment.

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