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Summary of the event with Pauline Kwasniak

On October, 7th we held our second online webinar by workcloud24. This time we discussed the future of work and why it’s hybrid. Our speaker was Pauline Kwasniak. She is a Polish-born, Irish-raised digital marketer, founder, and event professional. Pauline is a dedicated volunteer, the founder of the Female Planners Community, and managing director of Finedeeds – the platform for empowering changemakers and equipping non-profits.

We want to share with you the main insights we have received after the webinar:

1.Remote work and flexibility are the greatest benefits for Gen Z

The labor market has undergone a revolution over the past years. This is the result of both post-pandemic changes and the rebellion of new generations against the existing rules of operation of companies. As it turns out, for the generation called GenZ, just entering the labor market, the greatest benefits are flexibility, trust and the ability to choose the place from which they perform their professional duties.

2. The pandemic has pushed companies even more towards sustainable development and work-life balance.
What once seemed to be a very modern solution is now commonplace. The perception of work, professional duties and the role of offices has changed. The future looks in hybrid colors – emphasized Pauline Kwaśniak, CEO of Finedeeds, during her speech at The future of work id hybrid, one of the series of webinars carried out by workcloud24.

3. People want to be able to choose hours of work activity
Employees want to fulfill professionally, but taking into account their private plans and hobbies. More and more companies also accept a four-day working day, which is decided by the part of IT sector. The tests of such a model were great, among others in Japan, New Zealand and Spain, the Scottish government has recently taken a similar step. In order to meet the expectations of employees, companies adapt the activities and functioning to the new times. This is extremely important, especially when the office and the company’s headquarters have changed their meaning a bit.

4. The office is still important, but in a different way
The company’s headquarters or workplaces such as corporate corners, i.e. smaller offices scattered around the city, are still an attractive solution. Mainly due to the social aspect, the possibility of contact with other teams and the freedom to use such a concept. Brainstorms, meetings for morning coffee in the office kitchen are still important elements in the life of the team. However, the location is important, allowing you to travel from home in a maximum of 15 minutes.
However, the most important thing is to remain open to the needs of employees, provide them with a sense of stability, trust and flexibility to the extent that they expect.
– Flex solutions are not for everyone. However, it is important to listen to the needs of employees and follow them, responding to their requirements. A lot of trust is important, it will certainly be appreciated. It is the employer’s investment that pays back in the form of a satisfied team that perfectly fulfills its professional obligations – adds Hubert Abt, CEO of New Work.

We are grateful to all the participants and partners.

Among our partners:

Finedeeds – Helping nonprofits to digitalise. Changing the world with volunteering, marketing and technology.

New Work – one of the leading flexible office providers in Central and Eastern Europe;

The event wouldn’t be possible without our dear info partners:

Property Forum – the leading event hub in real estate industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

Real Estate Talks – publishing and collaboration platform for real estate, investment and construction industries to answer all your questions.

38 Content Communication – PR and communications agency specializing in consulting and implementing creative communication campaigns.

The host and organizer of the event is workcloud24 – online platform, where we develop and deploy digital products and provide services for workspace and workforce management.

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