Why ESG needs curiosity, creativity and new technologies

Why ESG needs curiosity, creativity and new technologies

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Published on: 16. June 2023

Interview with Oliver Stiefenhofer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

How important is ESG to you personally?

The topic of ESG is crucial and will become even more important in the future. More and more investors and companies are realizing that sustainable and responsible action has long-term positive effects on the economy, society and the environment.

For this reason, ESG is becoming an important decision criteria for investors when selecting investments.

In addition, the regulatory implementation of ESG is getting more and more important. With the adoption of the Sustainable Finance Action Plan in 2018 the EU has laid the foundation for a sustainable financial economy.

In summary, it can be said that ESG will play a significant role in investment decisions in the future and will also be increasingly focused on by regulatory authorities.

Companies and investors that do not follow ESG standards could therefore experience economic disadvantages in the long term.

What is particularly important to you in your role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board at workcloud24?

As Chairman of the Supervisory Board, it is in particular important to achieve strategic alignment for the company. Means to ensure that the company’s corporate strategy is clearly defined and appropriately implemented. This also includes regularly dialogue with the Management Board in order to look at the strategic goals and the progress made in

their implementation.

Another important task the governance oversight. This includes ensuring that the Board of Directors is conducting the company’s business in accordance with laws, regulations and company policies.

And of course ensure that the company follows an adequate risk management in place to identify and mitigate potential risks as well as true efficient corporate governance.

In summary, it can be said that the chairman plays an important role for a company, especially in a startup, but also beyond.

To successfully accomplish these tasks, it is important to have a deep understanding of the company and its industry, as well as the ability to communicate and lead effectively. I bring all my experience to bear here in order to help the company to achieve the set goals and to generate the corresponding growth over the next years.

You are also CEO of AYB Group – what drives you in particular every day?

AYB serves ist clients as architects of the future with passion.

An architect of the future is usually driven by the vision to make the world a better place in the future. This vision is supported by the desire to actively shape the future and create positive changes.

An important driver for me is curiosity, interest in new technologies, trends and developments and always striving to recognize and understand them at an early stage.

Creating more sustainable living conditions, promoting social justice or improving the quality of life plays an important role in my life.

At workcloud24 AG I can live this passion, yield my creativity and make a positive contribution to the maximum.

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