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Your Building Loses Money. We Can Fix It!

Here’s the unfortunate reality: it’s highly likely that your building is waisting over 30 percent of its energy consumption. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this is the typical amount wasted by most buildings. If you’ve neglected updates to your systems and practices over time, your wastage might even exceed this figure. It’s no surprise that your energy bills continue to soar annually.

However, there’s a silver lining. By utilizing workcloud24´s smart sensor technology for commercial buildings, you can substantially reduce both your energy usage and bills without compromising the comfort of your building’s occupants. Here’s how:

The Solution.

With the LoRaWAN-based energy management system from workcloud24 and the intelligent use of IoT technology, property managers not only reduce costs, but also ensure transparent and sustainable operational management.

Thanks to the use of multi-sensors, the system can be used at any time to monitor environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, air quality and CO2 levels within buildings.

In addition, the system can also be integrated into the building’s security and access control monitoring by using sensors to monitor doors, windows and other access points to detect unauthorised access or suspicious activity.

The LoRaWAN system from workcloud24 supports risk management and the achievement of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) goals in real estate .

By providing real-time data from the building infrastructure, building managers can reduce risks and significantly improve energy performance, which helps to increase occupant satisfaction and improve ESG standards.

Our LoRaWAN Sensors

The best part is, it pays for itself!

workcloud24 sensors not only reduce costs but they pay for themselves. On average we see a Return on investment after 1.5 – 2 years.


That´s not all! We have developed 2 pricing models which you can choose from if you qualify

Option 1: you invest in the set and benefit from all savings 100%

Option 2: You get 50% discount and we share the saving benefits 50/50

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Reducing energy use and costs is easier when you know how a building runs.

Without a measure of your building, how do you manage it – let alone improve it?

That’s why we help you establish the baseline you need to improve. We do this by automatically collecting data on your building and generating alerts & reports for you.

Occupancy Monitoring​

With real-time people counting data, the overall space capacity and usage patterns will be clearer to allocate resources, avoid unnecessary energy waste and optimize space utilization.

Air Quality Monitoring​

By monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ), such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2, PM2.5 & PM10, TVOC and more, real-time and remote management is actionable. This is suitable for bench-marking and developing ventilation, filtration, and other indoor air quality management strategies.

Power Consumption​

Smart lighting systems and smart switch system can be used to control electrical and electronic devices, such as switches and outlets. These devices can be turned on or off remotely through a mobile app, allowing occupants to control their environment more easily.

Smart Water Management​

All types of utilities need to take a leading role in deploying smart technologies to minimize waste. Real-time detection of water leaks can be helpful for critical assets or spaces, such as data centers. Retrofitting traditional metering with sensors and cameras can help achieve a more advanced level of management.

How it works:
Data -> Actions -> Savings

With workcloud24 as a partner at your side, you receive first-class ESG consulting and digital solutions for highest ESG compliance. This increases the return on your property over the long term.

Reducing energy use and costs is easier when you know how a building runs.

Without a measure of your building, how do you manage it - let alone improve it?

That’s why we help you establish the baseline you need to improve. We do this by automatically collecting data on your building and generating alerts & reports for you.

What is

What is ESG compliance?

ESG compliance means adhering to guidelines in the areas of environment, social and governance. This results in fields of action where success is measured using performance indicators. Finally, everyone involved receives complete transparency on the achievement of goals, the associated measures and optimizations.

The linchpin of our holistic ESG consulting is our ESG software by means of which we track the efficient implementation of all relevant measures. The final ESG certification meets national and international rating and reporting requirements and serves as proof of quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installing IoT devices in a building brings a number of benefits, including:
– Monitoring energy consumption and optimizing energy use.
– Improving security through alarm systems and monitoring.
– Automating processes, resulting in user convenience and time savings.
– Improving quality of life through remote control of home appliances.
– Detecting and eliminating hardware faults or infrastructure problems.

The types of IoT devices supported and available from our company for installation in buildings include the following groups of devices.
Sensors: For monitoring temperature, humidity, air quality, motion, etc.
Energy management devices: Such as smart energy meters, thermostats or remotely controlled lighting systems.
Security systems: Surveillance cameras, smoke and chad detectors, alarm systems.
Water management devices: Leak detectors, water consumption monitoring systems.
Features offered by these devices include remote monitoring and control, automation, data analysis, optimization of resource consumption, improved energy efficiency, enhanced security, and improved user comfort.

The most common challenges associated with implementing an IoT system in a building are often initial costs, integration with existing systems, data security, and usage and maintenance issues. To effectively overcome these and minimize costs for the customer, we always offer a comprehensive approach validated by implementation best practices.

We carefully analyze customer requirements and needs, which allows us to optimally tailor the IoT solution to specific building conditions.
We choose proven suppliers and technology partners with whom we have long-standing relationships and successful implementations. We offer high-quality solutions at optimal prices and provide top-level technical support.
We continuously optimize installation and configuration processes, so that the system can be implemented quickly with minimal disruption to the customer’s daily operations.

We provide comprehensive staff training to enable efficient operation of our system and to realize its full potential, resulting in increased operational efficiency and savings.
With this approach, we can ensure that our customers maximize their profits through the efficient use of the IoT workcloud24 system, while meeting their expectations in terms of quality, security and technical support.

Yes, we always customize the IoT system to meet the specific needs of your building or expectations. We do everything to achieve maximum benefit for the customer. We can offer integration with existing systems, as well as customize hardware to meet specific requirements. In addition, we specialize in creating custom IoT solutions that are designed and tailored to meet your specific needs. This makes it possible to create a system that perfectly meets the specific requirements of your building.

The cost of installing and maintaining an IoT system in the long term can depend on a number of factors, including the size of the building, the number and type of devices, the functions selected, the quality of the hardware, and the level of integration and technical support. However, in the long term, an investment in an IoT system made in cooperation with workcloud24 brings savings by optimizing energy consumption, detecting failures and preventing losses, and improving operational efficiency. The rate of return depends on a number of factors, but on average it reaches double-digits per year.

The guarantees regarding data security and privacy when using our IoT devices in the building include a number of measures that we have implemented with all customers. These include:
– Data encryption – Ensuring that all data transmitted and stored is encrypted to protect it from unauthorized access.
– Access management – Implementing access control measures so that only authorized individuals can manage and access data and IoT devices.
– Software updates – We regularly update the software of our clients’ IoT devices to address known security vulnerabilities and enhance overall system protection.
– Monitoring and threat detection – We are constantly working on and implementing monitoring systems and tools to detect and respond to potential data security threats.
– Data Protection Compliance – We ensure that workcloud24’s IoT systems are compliant with applicable data protection and privacy regulations, such as the GDPR in Europe.