ISO 14000 Family

ISO 14000 Family

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Published on: 22. August 2023

The ISO 14000 Family of standards is a set of international standards developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) that provide guidance and tools for organisations to manage their environmental responsibilities effectively. 

The ISO 14000 standards are designed to help organisations address environmental challenges, improve their environmental performance, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices. The ISO 14000 family covers a range of topics related to environmental management, including:

ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems (EMS): ISO 14001 is the most well-known standard in the ISO 14000 family. It provides a framework for organisations to establish an Environmental Management System (EMS) that helps them identify and manage their environmental impacts, set environmental objectives and targets, implement operational controls, and continuously improve their environmental performance.

ISO 14004: Environmental Management Systems – General Guidelines on Principles, Systems, and Support Techniques: ISO 14004 provides guidance on the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of an EMS based on ISO 14001.

ISO 14006: Environmental Management Systems – Guidelines for incorporating eco-design: ISO 14006 focuses on integrating principles of eco-design and environmentally conscious product development into an organisation’s management systems.

ISO 14015: Environmental Management – Environmental Assessment of Sites and Organisations: This standard provides guidelines for conducting environmental assessments of organisations and their sites to identify environmental risks and opportunities.

ISO 14020-29: Environmental Labels and Declarations: This series of standards includes guidelines for environmental labels and declarations, such as eco-labels and environmental product declarations, to communicate environmental information to consumers.

ISO 14031: Environmental Management – Environmental Performance Evaluation: ISO 14031 provides guidance on evaluating an organisation’s environmental performance through the selection of performance indicators and monitoring processes.

ISO 14040-49: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): This series of standards provides guidance and requirements for conducting life cycle assessments to evaluate the environmental impacts of products, processes, or activities throughout their life cycle.

ISO 14050: Environmental Management – Vocabulary: ISO 14050 defines terms and concepts related to environmental management.

These standards are not only applicable to businesses but also to governmental organisations, non-profits, and other entities seeking to manage their environmental impacts. Adopting ISO 14000 standards can help organisations enhance their environmental performance, reduce their environmental footprint, meet regulatory requirements, and communicate their commitment to sustainability to stakeholders.

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