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Published on: 29. August 2023

The Central European Finance Association (CEFA) is a professional organisation dedicated to promoting research, education, and collaboration in the field of finance, particularly within the Central European region. 

CEFA provides a platform for academics, researchers, practitioners, and students interested in finance to exchange ideas, present research findings, and discuss developments in the field. Key objectives of the Central European Finance Association may include:

Promoting Research: CEFA aims to foster high-quality research in finance by organising conferences, workshops, and seminars where scholars can present and discuss their research papers. These events provide opportunities for researchers to receive feedback and engage in meaningful discussions with peers.

Facilitating Networking: The association creates a network for finance professionals, academics, and students across Central Europe and beyond. This networking can lead to collaborations, joint research projects, and knowledge sharing.

Advancing Education: CEFA may support educational initiatives related to finance, such as organising educational events, providing resources for students and educators, and promoting the study of finance in academic institutions.

Promoting Knowledge Exchange: By bringing together professionals and academics, CEFA encourages the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the field of finance. This can lead to a deeper understanding of financial markets, instruments, and trends.

Engaging with Industry: CEFA might collaborate with financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and other industry stakeholders to bridge the gap between academia and practice. This collaboration can lead to insights into real-world financial challenges and opportunities.

CEFA typically hosts an annual conference where researchers present their work, share insights, and engage in discussions about various finance-related topics. The association may also publish research papers and provide resources for its members.

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