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Climate change and ESG

Climate change leads to global warming – the phenomena, which was addressed to the public already 1976.

In 1992 the United Nations set up the Framework Convention on Climate Change, which 197 states have joined so far. Since then, 26 climate summits have been organized.

What was agreed? To reduce carbon emission from Tons (51 Gigatons) of mankind produced carbon emission per year to 0 in order to keep the global warming in a range of 2° Celsius. Why is it 0? Because we need to reduce the 51 Gigatons to 0 if we want to stop global warming.

To get there, there is a related push for companies to ensure they retain their ‘social licence’ in an environment of declining institutional trust. Companies can consolidate these trends into a strategic framework for the use of ‘sustainability’ or non–financial reporting.

According to www.breakthroughenergy.org the pollution comes from the following sources:

Construction Industry: 31 %

Energy Sector: 27 %

Farming: 19 %

Transport, Traffic (including ships and planes): 16 %

Heating and Cooling: 7 %

This means the real estate industry has the highest impact by far to contribute to save carbon emission.

Fulfilling ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’ norms not only help the planet, but also improves business performance, credit ratings and financial returns.

Here are some valuable options, which a business gets by meeting ESG principles:

Growth in revenue

Enhanced public image

Long-term sustainability

Optimising capital expenditure

Increasing employee productivity

Reducing costs/risks

Better compliance with regulatory guidelines [1]

At cloudwaysapp we are working on software solutions for effective space and workforce management. We help with first steps in becoming “planet friendly” and to get more educated on issues, which matter a lot and will become crucial in future. We should think and start acting now.

Try our carbon calculator online to check what you and your company can contribute to save the planet

Resource: [1]


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