Carbon Calculator

With our Carbon Calculator we help you to identify your needs of space and how we can reduce space requirements and tailor them to your post-pandemic needs.

It´s not only about compliance with ESG, but much more the benefit of the employee as well. Saving Carbon emission and balancing work time towards private life is the most important task of every employer to create a sustainable work environment.

We use industry standard figures and validated studies data to calculate the potential savings workcloud24 products & solutions can offer you.

After receiving your submissions we will follow up and present you with results in detail along with our recommendations which will be tailored specifically to you.

With the data you share, we can determine which products & solutions can bring you the highest savings. 

You may learn more about them on the Solution & Product pages.

After we have received your submission we will automatically follow up with you to present the results and recommendations. 

If you have not heard from us within 24h after your submission, please contact us directly.